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An Amazing Trip / 7 Day Journals [Writing Activity]

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A Little Context

I recently taught a class where students had to practice using “will” or “[be] going to”. They learned that will is used for promises, predictions, and refusals, whereas [be] going to is used for plans, intentions, and predictions from clues.

I’d taught this lesson before, and developed “an amazing trip” narrative, where students were invited to choose a destination and embark on a journey… except unfortunately, their plane was doomed to crash in the ocean. Fortunately, they find an island! On the island, they only have their journal with them, and have to write entries detailing their plans to survive, their promises to themselves, what they’d refuse to do, and their predictions of what might happen to them…

“I am going to dead, teacher!”

“You mean, you are going to die.”


A view of an island near Cape Tribulation Road, Cape Tribulation, Australia.
Photo by Ivan Slade on Unsplash.

The Google Slides Presentation

This activity definitely surprises students with its visual storytelling! I’ve tried to create an immersive experience to pique student interest and motivate them to feel engaged with the story. The Google Slideshow includes:

  • Teacher notes.
  • Immersive images with creator attributions.
  • Background sound effects via YouTube video auto-play.
  • Example writing (pictured below).
  • A prompt slide with a timer.
  • Alternative timer resources.
An Amazing Trip Slides Overview
View the Google Slideshow here.

The 7 Day Journal Printout

My newest addition to this writing activity is a handy journal printout that I think is more interesting than students just writing in their usual notebooks. This template uses a single sheet of paper (print on both sides) to make one journal! Pretty nifty if I may say so myself!

An Amazing Trip Journal Example
Photo by darrel collins on Unsplash.
The 7 Day Journal PDFDownload A4Download (US) Letter

After you print, cut along the dashed line. Put Day 3 and Day 4 (face up) on top of Day 1 and Day 6 (also face up). Fold in half and everything should be in order! Staple twice along the spine to complete the journals.

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Chris Schneider
Chris Schneider
Chris is the founder of EFL.Coach and an educator based in Hồ Chí Minh City, Vietnam. Chris has taught English as a foreign language in South Korea, Poland, and Vietnam.